Conception and Christmas 2012 Schedule Message

Conception and Christmas 2012 Schedule Message

Radju Leħen il-Qala is once again embarking on airing a new schedule! This time the schedule prepared for the Immaculate Conception Feast and Christmas 2012. In this schedule, you will enjoy a variety of programmes that will surely meet all your tastes. From a public demand we will be airing a range of programmes from our archives.

Till the Conception Feast, there will be a continuous live coverage from the Sanctuary of all liturgical celebrations and also all the festive activities, particularly on the 8th December.

RLQ has at its heart all our listeners particularly our elderly and emigrants. Especially for these, RLQ has just installed two new cameras so as to be able to view all activities happening inside and outside the Sanctuary. We are sure that a lot of you would like to be physically present for these celebrations. This service offers the best proximity that one can be.

This audio-visual service at the Sanctuary compliments the service that was launched in the past years to cover the St Joseph Square and the St Joseph Parish Church. These cameras are all joined to the infrastructure that was built in 2008 with the new studios, all thanks to your generosity. All these services depend solely on your donations, so every input is greatly appreciated.

Everyone at RLQ offers his time and services free of charge, so a big thank you goes to all the volunteers and their families for their sacrifices and work. This truly manifests a community radio station with a big heart. Special thanks go to all those that helped bring this schedule to your radio sets: presenters and technicians. Thank you also to Archpriest Fr Joe Zammit, Parish Associate Fr Charles Buttigieg and the presbytery for their continuous support so that this station continues to be a link between Church and home from all the different parts of the world.